Flic single waste of money

  • I bought a flic single as I wanted to be able to just turn something on and off, I went for the music one as it was an amp I wanted to control.
    As I was trying to set it up I realised that I was only able to set it up to anything that was music related and set it up to anything I wanted too?
    This seems like a really stupid idea, if the single flics can only be setup to what the picture is on it, I mean how many people want a camera button or a phone gps button?
    I asked the question to a person that works for flic and all I got was " I will have to speak to the technical department and get back to you"
    As a customer if I buy a Single flic I should be able to use it for what ever I want and not have to buy the more expensive 3way button just to turn a plug on and off.
    Also now I seem to have a problem with a 3 switch which has stopped working? Not sure if its battery, but if it is that has only lasted 4 months with not a lot of use.
    I used to like these buttons, but today's mess has put me right off them and I may need to start looking at an alternative.

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