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    Hi all! We have a new page for Flic Singles at - It would be awesome if you could leave feedback:

    What information is missing
    What would be the reasons for you not to buy Flic Single (blockers)?


  • @joacim I have made one more happy discovery. In January, when I bought my six Flic singles I found that every time the button was moved out of range of the phone the bonding was broken. To re-establish a connection it was necessary to do a seven second button press. This was also a killer disadvantage for my intended use.

    Now I find that no longer happens. When the button comes back withing range of the phone it automatically re-establishes its connection and a seven second button press is no longer necessary.

    This has removed the last major barrier for my intended usage of the buttons and it makes me very happy indeed.

    Congratulations to Flic for listening to their customers, being responsive, attending to issues and progressively refining the product. This puts you head and shoulders above the rest.

  • @joacim Ah yes, my little test shows that Flic Singles now work with the Flic SDK. I am a happy person.

  • @joacim Thanks for the feedback. The Flic Single page describes it as having a built in battery. That wording does not make it clear that it cannot be replaced.

    Better if you used words like 'built in, non-replaceable battery'

    This will avoid any possible misunderstanding.
    I am very happy that the Flic SDK is open to all Flic Singles. Does this apply to older Flic Singles? I bought my Flic Singles many months ago.

    You asked:
    "What would be the reasons for you not to buy Flic Single (blockers)?"

    My answer is the inability to replace the battery. I consider the non-replaceable battery to be a killer limitation. I see no point in buying an expensive button in the knowledge that I will have to throw it away.

    I have had two battery failures already. Fortunately I found that I could prise off the back cover with a sharp blade. This enabled me to replace the batteries and the buttons are once more working properly. Afterwards I used the clip to hold the back cover in place. That is an awesomely robust clip you supply with the buttons. I love it.

    I don't want to sound overly negative. All things considered, you make a superb product.

  • FlicTeam

    @pdo-smith Hi, thanks for feedback. I hope we're pretty clear with its limitations now. The Flic SDK is actually open to all Flic Singles. This was something we implemented a month or so ago, so feel free to try again!


  • What information is missing?

    You do not state clearly what are the limitations of the Flic Single.
    I bought six Flic Location, only to find that the battery could not be changed. That was a big disappointment. Then I found I could not use the API. That was another big disappointment. I would not have bought these buttons if I had known of these limitations.

    If you are going to limit functionality or features in some way you should state that clearly up front. As it is I feel that I have been the victim of deceptive sales practices.

    Please therefore, I ask you to state clearly, up front and prominently exactly how the Single buttons are limited so that buyers are not caught by surprise as I was.

  • FlicTeam

    @balens Thanks. Flic Single is a lower price, so that's a reason you might prefer buying them instead of regular Flics, provided that you know what to use them for.

  • FlicTeam

    @kensteele Yeah, for some of them but not for all actually. Thanks.

  • @joacim I can only see a price difference for the same product? Setting up the normal flic is so easy so I feel no 'win' by buying the single ones. Personally then, I would always prefer options to do with the button. I could imagine buying a single for some use that seems useful but then never use it.

  • step #3: Choose function
    For click, double click and hold

    is that true? can you really use all 3 or can you only really use one of those.

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