Flic as pure service, with no user interface(like a Linux daemon)

  • I want to make the provision of apps that use Flic buttons as simple as possible. It should work like this:

    1. download only one app, written to use an expanded SDK communicating with the Flic service and containing the Flic service daemon.
    2. on initial startup the app asks the user to press his button(s).
    3. he presses his button(s) and the button image vibrates.
    4. he taps the button image, confirming the selection and he is good to go.
    5. the app completes the start up, remembering the initial selection.

    In this way the user need never download two apps or unnecessarily interact with the rather confusing Flic app. That is just unneeded extra work. All I want him to do is download my app, register his button with a press and he is ready to use my app. Quick, clean and simple. which is very much in the spirit of the Flic buttons.

    For this to happen the present Flic app should be stripped of its user interface and made available for bundling with developer apps. The SDK be expanded to supply the important functions provided by the Flic app.

    I want to emphasise again that the whole spirit of the Flic buttons is to provide an interface that is quick, clean and simple. The developer's apps should reflect this spirit by taking away all the pain and confusion of setting up buttons. Put this under the control of the app developer who understands his target market. For example, a Flic panic button for the elderly must be capable of setup with a single button press and a single click. There must be no fuss, no bother, no uncertainty and no confusion.

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