Multiple Flics with multiple IFTTT applets

  • New Flic user here who currently only owns one Flic button. Am I able to directly link multiple buttons to IFTTT applets? For example:

    Button 1 - Single Click - IFTTT Applet 1
    Button 1 - Double Click - IFTTT Applet 2
    Button 1 - Hold - IFTTT Applet 3

    Button 2 - Single Click - IFTTT Applet 4
    Button 2 - Double Click - IFTTT Applet 5
    Button 2 - Hold - IFTTT Applet 6

    Button 3 - Click - IFTTT Applet 7
    and so on...

    To me it looks like I only can link a single button to a maximum of 3 different IFTTT applets (via 'Click', 'Double Click', and 'Hold')... but it does not look like that I can add a new Flic button and link it with a complete different set of IFTTT applets.

    Does anybody know?


  • Thanks for the feedback @jp_hill.

  • This post is deleted!

  • That is correct

    But, inside IFTTT there is an ability to chain more than one service for each IFTTT applet


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