How to Keep Apple Music Forever with UkeySoft

  • If you download songs on iTunes store, you might knowing that the content is DRM-protected when used in offline mode. UkeySoft Apple Music Converter can help you keep Apple Music forever, let's make it DRM-free in seconds.

    If you want to remove DRM protection from the songs you’ve downloaded from Apple Music, a tool known as Apple Music Converter will be of great utility to you. DRM or Digital Rights Mangement is the use of appropriate technology to restrict the playback of purchased music. So, in this case, DRM-protected songs would only work on devices you’ve signed in with your Apple ID, that too on Apple software like iTunes and Apple Music app.

    The songs you download from Apple Music are stored in M4P (MPEG 4 Protected) format on your device. These songs don’t play on other device and even media player software on the same device. By using UkeySoft Apple Music Converter, you can convert such songs to regular MP3 format, as well as remove protection from the Apple Music songs, so you can keep Apple Music forever and transfer them to MP3 player.

    How to use UkeySoft Apple Music Converter?

    In order to convert songs using Apple Music Converter, you must have iTunes installed on your machine. Once you open the tool, it will automatically scan and display available songs from your iTunes library.

    The interface of Apple Music Converter isn’t confusing at all. On the left-hand side, it displays all the different iTunes playlists. Next to the Playlist section is the Info section, which displays the song’s information. The contents of a playlist (song list) are displayed in the center.

    In the Output settings, you can choose the audio output format. Depending on the output format you’ve selected, Apple Music Converter has pre-defined Low, Medium, and High profiles. You can also select the location where you want to store the songs after conversion.

    To start the conversion process, just tick all the songs and click the Convert on the top left corner of the screen. It will take a few seconds to minutes – depending on the number of songs – to convert the songs to your desired format.

    After the conversion process completes, you can go to the output folder. From there, you can copy the songs wherever you want and play them on any device.

    UkeySoft is really useful and powerful, during Apple Music to MP3 conversion, iTunes plays the Apple Music tracks in the background (muted), after converting Apple Music songs, it will save music metadata, such as the song title, artist name, album name, genre or album artwork, which some general audio converter software and audio recorder tool can't do.
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