Announcing Flic Cordova Plugin and AngularJS wrappers

  • Hi!

    I developed a Cordova plugin for Android and shared it with the open source community in GitHub. I received some contributions from the open source community which enhanced my plugin and added the support for the iOS platform. Please check the plugin at:


    I also created wrappers for AngularJS, so the plugin can easily be used in Ionic using a factory.


    Please also check the sample projects for both projects. See:

    • Cordova-Flic-Example for the Cordova Flic plugin.
    • FoosFlic for ngFlic, which is more than a sample project, but a full app using Flics to manage the scoreboard of a foosball table. By the way, we are using this app at work and having fun with it.

    I got a request from a user of PhoneGap Build cloud service to tailor my Cordova Flic plugin to work with that platform. That took some modifications and it finally worked in Android but I am struggling to make it work for iOS. Additionally, I haven’t been able to make it work for PhoneGap CLI 3.7 which was the request, but only from PhoneGap CLI 5.1.1 and forward. This is the sample project:


    Hybrid applications are a very good opportunity for Flic to reach more users and developers. Please feel free to use the plugin and contribute to them!

  • @juangui After trying the iOS sample out there seems to be an issue with picking up the buttons, reviewing the console shows an error is thrown where it looks like an issue with speaking with the native SDKs. Android works fine for me so thumbs up for that!

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