Flic App 2.0 Released!

  • FlicTeam

    Today we are proud to announce the release of Flic App 2.0 for iOS and Android.

    Both the Android and iOS updates introduce a new way to communicate with Flic that emulates buttons on your smartphone. This means that Flic can be set to do more things on your smartphone or tablet remotely. Here are all the new things that Flic can do with iOS app:

    • Siri - one of the most requested functionalities for Flic (Update: due to a bug in iOS this is currently available only in iOS 9 and not iOS 10)
    • Global Music Control - Flic now emulates the global controls in iOS, much like the control buttons on your headphone cord. The separate Spotify action is still standalone, i.e. a player in our app, not in the Spotify app.
    • Native Camera - This action basically presses the Volume Up button on your device. Any camera app that supports taking a picture with the Volume Up button can now be used with Flic, e.g. the iOS camera, Snapchat and many more.
    • Snooze Alarm - This one works with any alarm app that supports Snooze by pressing any button on the iPhone, e.g. the built in iOS time app. Finally snooze with Flic!
    • Take Screenshot - Instantly capture what's on screen.
    • Home Button - Simulate a press of the iOS Home button.
    • Lock Screen - Click Flic to lock the screen. Really annoying if you configure this one on someone else's Phone.
    • Hang Up Call - Press Flic when someone calls you to instantly hang up the call.

    Flic and Animals!

    Android will enjoy some of the new actions in the iOS version while some have already been present in previous versions. The iOS version of the app is available to download as of this morning and the Android version will be available in a couple of days. Stay tuned to see what's new in the Android version!

    Please note that you have to update your Flics for them to work with the new actions.

    The new actions are not visible to you if you have one of the first Flics we created as these cannot be updated. This only affects a very small part of our customers and not necessarily the first backers. If it affects you though, keep an eye in your email as we will do what we can to fix this for you.

    Some of the new actions

    The Flic Team.

    PS. How do you like our new community page? Feel free to share your thoughts on Flic and how you use Flic in your life. Click "Flic Community" above.

  • @aniel

    Do we know if the siri bug is fixed in iOS 11 ? Has your developers looked at the iOS 11 beta? Thanks

  • Flic hub coming soon. Allowing you to be able to use the device without a phone connection!


  • @aniel
    Can't believe this function now not available. I've bought this Flic only for that function and now is worthless to me. Can you envoke a dial voice command instead? I just need to be able to push the button and then voice command ring someone in my address book

  • FlicTeam

    Update for iPhone Users:

    Flic no longer works with Siri for users who are on iOS 10 or above. This is due to a bug in the Apple code which we have reported numerous times and are still trying to work with them to bring it back. There is no estimated date or time for this as it rests in Apples hands. From our end we do apologize for this as we know many of you requested and used this feature. We will keep on doing what we can to get Apple to fix their code.

    / Aniel

  • App Suggestion: Suggest the Save Action button be pinned at top as some actions have huge list of options and then need to scroll all the way to bottom to save.

  • Hi Guys,

    Well done for sticking to it and pivoting when and where required.
    As a business manager of a company just transitioning from the start up phase it is difficult to foresee where issues may arise, especially in the enterprise market where clients do not take kindly to any kind of failure or disruption.

    It is unfortunate that some of the early adopters may feel disappointed but the key element of crowdfunding is that people are investing in the ability and ideas of others. They may not all pay off, but gathering the masses to support potential where the likes of Venture Capitalists don't "see the dream" is heavily influencing innovation and every day lives with incredible ideas.

    After our recent field trial we are looking to support some of our enterprise applications with the Flic button and deal directly with safety within the workplace, so essentially this idea has the potential to reduce workplace incidents and injuries.

    Keep up the good work work!


  • Hi,

    Any idea when the Android 2.0 version of the app will be available to download ?

    Thank you

  • They refuse to replace mine. :-(

  • @mrydsbo Just want to chip and say that I don't agree. I've gotten pretty good support so far, and even got new flics sent to me for free so... seems they are taking care of things.

  • @Joacim Yes, me and a lot of others financed you guys and now you screw us. I am extremely dissaponted with the product but even more with your actions. Of cause you should replace the buttons and not ask us for more money.

    Reading articles about you guys and you can afford to do the right thing.

  • @Joacim thanks :)

  • FlicTeam

    @mrydsbo @katleen_farine Thanks Mats. Indeed there are a lot of negative posts in this forum but that is almost only concerning the first batch of our product that our first customers bought. The new ones are working great (and so are the old ones unless there was a production error which the warranty covers).

    Mats - Regarding your earlier angry post. You did buy the first version for a very favourable price and there are always risks involved with doing that. We're doing what we can to make everyone happy but if we were to replace all Flics from the fist batch - the great majority works as expected - we would face bankruptcy and then all Flics, including yours, would become useless pretty fast.

    I'm sorry we couldn't meet your expectations but at least we're trying. Keep in mind that your Flics will also get heaps of new updates over time and we will not drop support for the first batch.

  • FlicTeam

    @Jack Jarrett - The Android App is updated continuously. Is there any functionality you're missing?

  • @katleen_farine Don't order! Product lousy and the company seems even worse. Does not reply and show no will to improve.

  • Still no new features in the app or an email with an offer. Amazing!

  • Where's the Android app ?? Fifteen days ago, you said "a couple of days" Apparently "a couple of days" means something different in Sweden than it does is the USA>

  • I like the community page but it feel weird to see all theses bad comments... I hope you will do something about it.
    I will wait for the comment section to improve before I order.

  • I like the community page but it feel weird to see all theses bad comments... I hope you will do something about it.
    I will wait for the comment section to improve before I order.

  • Dylan-Phillips said in Flic App 2.0 Released!:

    Haven't received a 'offer' email either


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