Play Spotify Playlist on Android

  • Hello,

    My Flic arrived today and I've been busy setting it up - my plan is to use it in the car to open spotify, select the playlist and then play.

    At present single click, Spotify opens, selects the playlist but won't play! If I ask spotify to play a single track, the play command works.

    Currently I have a double click allocated to carry out the Media menu play function in spotify but I want to reallocate that, any clues where I might be going wrong? (adding a play in spotify directly after loading the playlist doesn't seen to work)

    Thanks for a great product and any help you can give.

  • @wanxiling good tools

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  • This post is deleted!

    • go to spotify
    • Hold the selected playlsit
    • Hit share
    • Scroll down untill you see 'Share link'
    • Click on 'Share link'
    • Open Flic.
    • Select your Flic button.
    • Select your times of clicking.
    • Go to 'Phone control'
    • select 'Open browser'
    • Paste your copied url there

    There you go. goodluck. worked for me

  • Have you downloaded your Spotify Playlists on your Android Devices? There might be some internet problem for a failure of playing Spotify Music on Android Devices. If you want to get rid of this problem, you can try to use Spotify Music Converter for download all your Spotify Music playlists for offline listening.

  • @totte-ul has this been fixed?

  • @anton I really want this too like on iOS, we are developers - can we help?

  • @Ehallq @elxinside No, this is not solved. You can't start a playlist with Flic Android. On iOS it works though, because we are using their API to play music and not the app as on Android. We haven't found a way to do it if we want to use the app, which is much better in other ways.

    Spotify works best with the Premium version, because you then can select different songs and so on.

  • @totte.ul I really want this feature :(

  • Hi, is this solved? I'm thinking about buying a flic to use it with spotify.
    Is it supposed to pair only with the premium version or also free version?

  • Hi guys,

    No, you're right that it's not a good sign. We've really tried to fix the Start playlist function but it seems like it's impossible to do in the current Spotify app using intents (which is the way we communicate with the app). Hopefully we will be able to do this in the future, but unfortunately we can't promise anything.

  • @anton Hey flic Team, it's been 2 months now, can you give us some updates about the spotify issue ? Seems like you even removes the playlist playback feature, that's not a good sign I guess..

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm using flic in the car. I use to listen to music through the spotify. In double click set up a playlist and hold another playlist.
    It happens that the ideal was that when, for example, that a double click, already initiated playlist playing. But it's not what happens. Then I'll have to pick up the phone to give play in the playlist, reducing the flic functionality. I think it would be a good improvement to the choose the playlist, she has executed automatically.

  • @anton Hey Anton, do you have any news about the bug ? Is you developer back ? :)

  • Same problem. When this works this will make my audio system great. Right now I can see it selects the correct play list, but doesn't play it. If I toggle play it will just play whatever is currently playing, not the new selected playlist. Thanks.

  • @anton Thanks, sounds great. Looking forward to being able to use it for my playlists

  • FlicTeam

    @f.ganninger We have found out what the issue is and hopefully we can fix it soon. Our Android developer responsible for the actions is unfortunately on vacation at the moment so it might be a few weeks before you hear anything regarding this. But I just want to ensure you that it is a high priority for us as well :)

  • @anton Thanks a lot , I can do testing too. I'm so looking forward to use it with my playlists

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