@Emil sure. So the button disarms my blink camera via IFTTT. I press it if I want to walk out my front door so the camera is not alerting needlessly.

If I subsequently leave the property, the camera auto re-arms when I break a geo fence.

However, if I come back in, I need a way or re-arming the camera (without having to remember to press the button), and that is where the delayed task in Flic comes in.

Now, imagine I leave the house, disarm the camera, then I decide I want to spend longer than 5 mins on the drive in range of the cameras motion detection. I effectively want to restart the timer.

I have long press set to disarm the camera for an hour, but if I have disarmed for 5 mins initially, I need a way of later choosing to extend this. Just pressing the button again within the initial 5 mins will not achieve this as the delayed task will fire.

I am reluctant to shift to always disarming for an hour as this will lead to regular periods when I'm in that the camera is disarmed. Currently living in a big house and the camera is basically the doorbell as well as a security camera.

Current plan is to look at removing the time delayed task all together, and instead fire a webhook request that sits on a queue or another delay mechanism in AWS. Then I hope to find a way to purge the queue if I press the button again, and fire a new webhook with it's own delay. Only issue is I'm new to AWS and this seems like a lot of effort for something Flic could handle for me. Also not 100% sure what I want to achieve in AWS is possible.