The link shows the following which is different to the comments you made, is the current link data correct? I want to check for firmware update.

"When should I do a "user data restore" or a "factory reset" on my Hub?
If you ever forget your password to the Flic Hub then the only way you can access it again is to push the restore button on the Hub for 1-2 seconds. We hope you don't forget the password as doing a user data restore will wipe all your paired Flic’s and their existing configurations. You will need to therefore reconfigure all these after a restore.

In case something goes terribly wrong and the Hub is not working properly, you can factory reset the Hub back to default settings. This is achieved by pressing the restore button for 20-25 seconds.
The difference between this and the "user data restore" is that factory reset will also reset the firmware to version 1.0, so if you were using features added in new updates, you will need to update your Hub in order to use these. The Hub will automatically update itself if it has a Internet connection, but it might take up to 24 hours. If you don’t want to wait, you can connect to the Hub using the Flic app and manually trigger the update, or push the pin hole button between 2-5 seconds to initiate a firmware update. The LED will begin to blink slowly to indicate that it is currently downloading and installing a new firmware version. "