Problem with Spotify and Chromecast actions

  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to get these actions to work but without any luck:

    • Spotify action: Toggle play when I am using spotify connect (nothing happens)
    • Spotify action: Adjust volume when I am using spotify connect (not an option in action)
    • Cromecast integration: On my phone if I use netflix I click the button and it would automatically pop up on the chromecast device in the action (nothing currently happens)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi there

    Did you get to work it with spotify? same problem there. I am using Spotify premium, but nothing happens (using iphone 6)
    I met a friend yesterday and he is using this functions with an android phone and it works properly.. he was talking something about a setting in spotify to allow other apps, but I think this function is not supported on ios somehow..

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