What is Flic?

  • A button with powers?

    Imagine a button that can control your smartphone. A button that you could use to take control of your apps without having to fumble with your phone every time you want to do something.

    Wait, what?

    Well think about it. We use our smartphones on a daily basis to do a bunch of things. We make phone calls, send texts and emails, we set our alarms, we update our calendars, we play music and some of us even use it to control our smart home devices like our lights and stereos. These things become time consuming, so imagine you could do these things with a little button.

    There’s this guy called Joacim. One day he decided to quit tobacco, so he decided to keep track of his tobacco intake through an app. Quite quickly he start finding this to be a time consuming task - getting his phone out, unlocking it and find the app that is tracking his intake. But what if I had a button? - he thought. And so this is where the idea of Flic was born, a button to control your smartphone apps.

    So what can it do?

    Basically Flic functions as a remote that gives you the power to execute actions through your smartphone, without using your smartphone. An action, for example, would include the camera in your phone taking a photo, or the timer taking time. Your smartphone only acts as a medium and an object to store all your apps. So what happens is that you download the free Flic app to your smartphone and connect this little button to it using Bluetooth, and start adding your actions. Simple!

    How do I control my actions?

    Well Flic has three triggers that actions can be linked to. These triggers are Click, Double Click and Hold. This means that for each of these three triggers you can choose to execute one action, or several actions simultaneously. So you could choose to trigger one action like sending a message that shares your current location. Or you could choose to trigger several actions at once, so that with one Click you could turn on your music, track your workout and send an email.

    Pretty cool huh?

    This means that you can perform the actions of several apps, with one push. Instead of going into each app and executing the action one by one, you can pre-define your Flic to do it for you, with one push of a button.

    Ok cool, but how can I use it?

    Well first of all, you can use more than one Flic with one phone, or share your Flic with others. This means that you can have them all over your house, or your car, or even the office. Instead of carrying them around, you can also choose to stick them to any surface with the adhesive tape on its back! So as long as your smartphone and Flic are within 50 meters of each other, you can place them anywhere. Even outside, since they’re weather and dust resistant. Also, Flic will work for up to 18 months and then you can just change the battery. Easy!

    At home you could use Flic to help you with your morning work out. With a single click you can turn on your music, start your timer, and have Runkeeper track your workout. With a double click you can keep track of your workout reps. Lastly, with the hold trigger you can hang up any incoming calls that might interrupt your workout.

    In your car you could use Flic to help you keep your hands off your phone. With a single click you can play and pause your music, send a text message to a specified contact that you are on your way and start your navigation system. With a double click you can skip to the next track. Lastly, with the hold trigger you can share your location with a specified contact.

    At your office you could use Flic to help you use your time in a productive way. With a single click you can set on a timer, and at the same time slack a post to your colleagues that you should not be disturbed. With a double click you can send a gmail to a group of people informing them that the meeting is starting in 5 minutes. Lastly, with the hold trigger you can hang up your incoming calls when you are in the middle of a meeting (and with Android you can even set a predefined message to be send to the caller to explain why you have hung up their call.)

    These might be ways that I would use it, but if you can’t see an example that you would use, don’t worry because there are over 40 other actions on iOS and over 60 other actions on Android that you can execute with Flic using your phone.

    Eh, I’m still not sure - what else?

    Hey, that’s okay! Why not try Flic for free first with Flic Tasks! Flic Tasks is a part of the free Flic app (download it here: Flic for iPhone, Flic for Android). It lets you test the process of how a Flic would work, but without the button and only using your smartphone.

    So download the Flic app, open it and follow the five simple steps below:

    1. Tap on TASKS next to FLICS.
    2. Tap the “+” icon in the bottom right corner to add a new “task”
    3. Press the “+” icon to add a new action (iOS) / Press "Action Chain” (Android)
    4. Choose which action you would like to execute
    5. Execute your actions from the Notification Center (iOS) or Notification Bar (Android)

    What are others saying about it?

    Over 150,000 Flics have been sold and shipped to over 110 different countries, so a lot of people are using it. Mainly they are calling it a great and smart little button that works perfectly. Even the press has been positive to Flic. Like The Wall Street Journal said that “Flic is creating value in the physical Internet-of-Things world…” CNET even made a cool video of their 5 favorite use cases for Flic.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Okay, how do I get one?

    You can order one here and it’ll be shipped to you!

    Take control and simplify your life with the push of a button.

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