Can't connect straight out of the box

  • So, ordered 4 flics. Can connect to 3 of them no problem, 4th just won't connect. Tried everything and now out of ideas. It pulses red but phone won't connect.

    I'm on iPhone 6s+ with latest software of both app and iOS. Also tried it with a 6+ and no luck.

    Anyone have any experience or solutions for this? Contacted Flic but thought I'd throw it out here too.

    Is there a way to hard reset? Can I take the cover off it? Would rather not ruin it before I get a chance to use.


  • I'm having this problem also. Just have one button. Using iPhone SE with ios10. Button flashes but is not found by the app. Tried removing battery. Bluetooth is on. Wi-Fi is on. Same issue with iPad 3.


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