IFTTT - Multiple accounts issue

  • Hi,

    I tried to connect my Flic button to two IFTTT accounts (I was trying to get actions set up to work on both my phone and my partner's). Initially, I thought this had worked, but it turned out that connecting to the second IFTTT account appears to have overwritten the first.

    Now, no matter what I do, I cannot get Flic to work with the first IFTTT account (have tried, disconnecting the second, uninstalling, reinstalling etc.

    Does anyone have any ideas, either on how I can get this to work with both accounts, or how I can 'reset' to get it to work with the first account - as if it's only going to work with one, I want it to work with the first one!



  • On the same note, I cannot create tags in the IFTTT app. This makes the integration not good as I am not going to tie a global flic click to a single action.available options

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