How to choose IFTTT recipe for Flic Button

  • I am currently trying to figure out how to assign a specific IFTTT Recipe / Applet to a Flic Double Click.

    I understood that I need to create the desired recipe in IFTTT and add IFTTT to the desired Flic Action. But apparently I cannot assign a specific IFTTT.

    So how does it work?

  • @steve I fail on the first step. There is no ”Providers” in the top right menu. The closest is ”Applications”, but it only contain nine (odd) applications, none of which is IFTTT. What am I doing wrong”.

    In IFTTT, I can make a recipe with my flic as a trigger, but nothing happens whan i click i, except the ”next song” which I hav configured it to do in the flic app. I can’t find anything about IFTTT in the flic app. Why?


  • @steve I should note that adding IFTTT tags in the Android app is a bit of a hit-and-miss affair, because the screen doesn't update properly. But if you enter a tag, press save, leave the screen and go back to it, you should find it there.

  • The way I did it was:

    1. In the Flic app, under Providers (top right menu), choose IFTTT
    2. Add tag names for as many different IFTTT recipes as you need
    3. In IFTTT, create a new applet with Flic as the trigger.
    4. Choose "A Flic with a tag is clicked". You can select from your tags in the list, and create the rest of the recipe.
    5. Back in the Flic app, assign IFTTT as an action, and select the tag for your IFTTT applet.

    That should be it!

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