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    I have the Huawei Nexus 6P with Android OS v. 7.1.2, which is the latest. This is the stock Android OS and gets updates straight from Google. It's not rooted. I have one flic button with all three actions/presses programmed. Two of them (single and double) are launching apps. The long press triggers the fart sound from the built-in flic options. The fart sound pretty much always works. The other two actions work intermittently. Both applications were created using Tasker app-building capability. Both of them simply launch a shortcut. I'm doing this because flic's built-in option to launch shortcuts is not working at all. That's my workaround. I posted about that separately.

    I single-click the flic button. Nothing happens. I repeat a few times. Nothing happens. Sometimes it works, but it's less than 50% effective, so it's annoying enough.

    I open the flic app on my phone and, when the app loads, the button starts working as intended. Sometimes, when I load the flic app, I see the attached screen momentarily. It says "Loading user data / Loading providers..." 0_1500239693949_flic Screenshot_20170714-163122.png
    It then continues to work for a while. I don't know how long. Eventually the problem comes back. This makes me think that some essential flic service unloads or terminates and that is the cause of my problem. Just to be clear, I do have the flic persistent notification in the notification tray. It's always there.

    Does anyone have this problem and a better solution or workaround? Can flic fix this or assist me with further troubleshooting, please?

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