Help: can't change action from find?

  • I received a flic as a gift but cannot figure out how to do something more useful than trigger the find action. My flic has a picture of a vibrating phone on it but I'd really like to use it with IFTTT and custom HTTP requests for integrating my other IoT gadgets. Is there a way that I can unlock the full features or change the identity of my flic button so that they are available? I'd love to stop scraping ARP requests from Amazon dash buttons. Thank you!

  • Did you ever get an answer for this? I'm looking for that myself too since I also got it as a gift just the other day. I mean, it is the very same kind of button and does the exact same thing since it is up to the app or the hub to tell what it actually does rather than the button so it seems weird for it to be locked. I mean, I don't lose my phone THAT often :P

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