• Couldn't post this comment in the FlicSingle category so I thought I would address it here.

    The packaging describes a product that you can Click, Double Click, or Hold. While the button can physically do this, it is a single function button so unless you have some other functions assigned to that button, the packaging is inaccurate. Specifically the packaging says a single click [shares Location], a double click [play sound] and it also shows Hold. That is simply not true. I found the single click did something with bluetooth and Hold [shares Location] and double-click did nothing.

    May I suggest you have an option that allowed the single function to be assigned to any or all three button presses. I had the FlicSingle Location and I just couldn't get use to pressing and holding especially when a single press assignment was useless [Bluetooth connect?] and in my opinion, could have been used instead. This button simply sends a text message of your current location so there is no emergency component to it; there is no need to guard against accidental presses. At least give the customer the option to go there if it suits them.

    To be honest, I found press and Hold to be too long when engaging in rigorous activity, having to take a free hand and instead of tapping once which will ensure confidence in sending the text messaging instead of wondering if you've held the button long enough. During an event where I thought I marked my location 10 different times during the route, I came up with 8 waypoints so a couple of times, I didn't hold the press long enough. I'm thinking of events like biking or skiing or hiking where you may have the button attached somewhere on your person or the bike within reach or you may be wearing gloves. The button is robust enough to withstand false presses.

    Finally I like the Sound Alarm feature which if I were programming the button would be attached to Hold and separate from the send text function. When activated, Sound Alarm would send out a different text than the ordinary text normally used meaning they are not tied together. To be honest, I don't need my phone to sound the alarm every time I send a text but it would be nice to have that function available if I needed it instead of being disabled. But I do understand how that can be confused with a Find Phone function.

    So these are my opinions and unfortunately I couldn't get satisfaction with the FlicSingle so I returned it in order to could get a regular Flic instead. Hopefully I can find more flexibility there.

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