Android TV just briefly visible, barely working.

  • When trying to connect to my Sony KD-65XD7505 running Android 7 the TV is only visible in the Flic app for a short moment just as I setup a wired LAN connection, then afterwards, it is seemingly gone as the Flic functions doesn't work although I've chosen the TV device.
    I've tried countless combinations with WiFi, wired lan etc but although the Flic app remembers my TV device nothing happens when pressing the button. And the only time Flic app can find my TV is upon initial wired lan setup on the TV.
    Have I missed something?
    The TV's setting for remote control is ON and I can even send IRCC codes from a computer to control the TV.
    Going nuts here. Please, some help would be greatly appreciated.
    I got the button work ONCE to Power On my TV, that's right after I plugged in the network cable. Then it's dead again.

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