Sporticrowd - pocket sport assistant

  • Hi all Flic and sport lovers,

    I would like to introduce you one app which can help you. This app was developed on the base of needs of our play team. The name of the app is Sporticrowd. At this moment it is for tennis, squash, badminton and table tennis, but we are working on next sports. Actually, it is realy simple app for count current score (by Flic) and save all statistics of all games. Also you can compare with other players and set individual targets. It is very useful, bacause you don't have to count and remember score and then you want analyze your progress or performance. The app is fully compatible with Flic buttons and works very well. For Android and iOS too.

    You can visit our website, look on the video and you will see if it can help you too. For me it is the most helpful tool for sports. The website are

  • Hello. I have Flic buttons, so I tried this application. I play mainly badminton and table tennis and this system works very nicely, the game with flic is very comfortable. I am enjoying touch button at the winning point :-) Its very funny.

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