Questions and Observations from Developing with Flics

  • Hi, I have some mild issues with the way the flics change between devices they are paired to.
    these observations/questions come from running the Fliclib-linux-hci SDK on a Pi 3B using the built in Bluetooth interface and Raspbian Jessie version 8. The daemon then sends events to a Node-Red server in turn to my application.


    When a flic first connects to the Pi many press events fire in quick succession which appear with the time before the connection when the button was pressed.


    I've seen varying amounts so is it, as many events as occurred within a certain time? is there a limit to the number of events? how long is this time period?


    If the connection channel is broken (i.e. during a scheduled reboot of the Pi), the flic will pair to any previously paired device.


    Is this the correct behaviour? If so, how can I use the Linux SDK to send a request to the flic to forget it's previously paired devices? Otherwise I now have several flics that are not usable for development. When I am developing an application on a Pi that connects to a flic button, if i reboot the Pi then the flic connects to any of the other Pis that have been used for development with that flic. Please I need a fix to this.

    Final question:

    Is there a way to factory reset a flic or do they not have enough memory for that?



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