Why does Flic button need an account on your server to operate?

  • I got a Flic button for Christmas. Honestly, it sounded pretty useful. But I was confused... why does the button require a user account on Flic's site? There shouldn't be any interactions with Flic. I hit the button, it messages my phone, it does its thing on my phone, and it's done. Why do I need an account? Why doe the service have to operate in order for the button to work? What value does the user account create? (Note that I have not yet created one; I'm waiting to hear the answer to these questions.)

    I went to look at the FAQ on the assumption that these basic security questions would be answered there. Nope. Nothing in the FAQ discusses that.

    So... this looks like a useful device. Is it? Or is it actually a privacy-invading device to enable you to sell information about your users to third-parties? (You might claim that you would never do that but a) your privacy policy is missing, as I mentioned here and b) you can change the TOS at any time to do whatever you want with your user data, and you wouldn't be the first company to start off valuing privacy and then start selling that data at a later date once you've collected a valuable database.