Improvements to Success or Failure when pressing Flic

  • Improvements to Success or Failure when pressing Flic


    I recently got my FlicHub and overall I really like it! It just bothers me, that I lost the success / failure sounds that have been played by the phone the Flic button was connected to. I don't have "always-on" speakers that I could connect to my hub, and I think this scenario wouldn't even make sense because I want the confirmation at the location of the button and not the hub.

    Physical light switches have the feedback of flipping up or down and when there is no immediate reaction to flipping the switch, I know there is something wrong. But when using the Flic that kind of feedback is not enough, since (often) there are network calls involved that take some time or even fail. Because of that I often don’t know if my press was registered/executed and just needs time or if it failed completely.

    So my question to all of you is: How could this be improved?

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