Hub IR feature requests

  • Hi team and community
    I just got my hub and IR accessory and have been trying it out on everything. It's a great start, I had hoped it would do a few more things out of the box, perhaps an update would be possible?
    Rather than only recording codes would it be possible to load codes from a library, online or from the device used to set it up?
    This should solve the complex strings sent by split system air conditioners which are not currently supported (in my testing).
    Then, next big ask, could the IR accessory be opened to cloud access so the hub can be both an IFTTT trigger and an action? eg if android device leaves GPS perimeter work then go Flic IR - AC toggle

    I'm sorry I am not cluey enough to know the complexities behind what I'm asking and if it's possible or not.

  • @kris completely agree on the possibility to use it as an action through IFTTT.
    Maybe through virtual flic, if that makes it easier.

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