Lifx Cloud not working with Flic Hub

  • I've got the Flic Hub and it is really great to not be dependend on a phone around BUT since then I cannot use Lifx Cloud anymore.

    The service is up and running, but it won't set my scenes. Curios thing: IT DID WORK WHEN I FIRST SET IT UP and then suddenly a week ago it stopped to set scenes.

    I already tried connecting the hub with this service again, which succeeds but when double click the lights won't respond. Where is the problem here?

    From the Lifx App it works like usual, so I guess it has to do with the hub, or because I use Lifx Cloud AND Local API?

  • Probably I found a fix for this issue: I had to simply restart my lamp. (Switch off and on again, 2 times in my case).
    After that it Flic buttons via Flic hub and my phone were able to send commands to my lamp again via Cloud.

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