2 months, 7 messages and not one reply.

  • I have placed two orders via Indiegogo, which were advertised at the time as 'in stock and ready for dispatch'.

    Amusingly they even showed the delivery date to be 2 weeks prior to the order date at the time of placing the orders on the web.

    Since then I have submitted repeated messages, via Indiegogo and directly to Shortcut Labs requesting an update that actually has some information in it other than.. 'we have dispatched more orders'

    Who's orders? Mine? Someone else's? Should I expect mine to arrive at last?

    Not only that but I have also asked for a receipt for my purchases which I have not received.

    In a word of communication, how can a company who offer such limited methods of contact, fail so completely at responding to so many messages?

    I apologise to everyone else for needing to 'air my laundry in public' - I normally hate people that write public posts like this but I simply do not know what else to do.

    A very unhappy and despondent customer.

  • For reference, this is for order IDs #7688 and #7689

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