Flic Hub Still MIA, no delivery

  • I have emailed back against the emails I had about delivery, I did the survey and been waiting weeks.

    I followed up by email and got no reply.

    Is there a problem with supply or am I the only one getting ignored?

  • I got mine fine, but i was in the indiegogo campaign.. those who was in the campaign will get first i think så if you wait it will come...

    i must say it does work well, but room for improvement.. but app as always work fine.. im hoping for mqtt support ;-)

  • Me too! I am getting worried that i will never get the items I "ordered" in March.
    Have had no personalised response to emails, just a copy of the "update" already sent to me.
    Am waiting for a flic hub and 6 flics, and I/R blaster.

  • @crdtg009

    That’s so disappointing.

    Guess it’s time to start trying for a refund.

  • not only you

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