Stuck in standby

  • I have the Flic hub, love it and it has working great.
    But now, more and more buttons are getting stuck in standby mode, when pushing them they sometimes blinks red. But in the flic app they are not responding.
    I have change batteries, but that doesn't help. I have also removed buttons and added them again, then some of them works for avail. And then they will be stuck in standby mode again.
    It doesn't matter if I have the buttons close to the hub.

    How can I get them to be online?

  • I just got a Flic Hub and I have about nine buttons. No button is greater than 25 feet away from the hub with very little impediment. Several of the buttons seem to enter standby much more frequently than others and when they do, they become very slow to respond if they respond at all. I've replaced the batteries and it doesn't seem to help. All in all, the Flic system has been great when it works, but super frustrating as it works so sporadically.

    Personally, I have the patience to keep tweaking and trouble shooting , but when my wife gets up at 2am to feed the baby, pushes the button and the light does nothing... She's furious with ME. I got the hub specifically to make this more reliable, but in my experience, the hub hasn't really contributed much of anything.

  • I'm also having the same issue. Really annoying. Would expect someone from Flic to have responded by now...

  • Yeah. The same here . Any luck or knowledge?

  • I am also having a problem, I have 7 Flic Hubs that I am using and I am want to know do the Flic Hubs go into a sleep mode. It seems that it takes a couple button pushes to get it to send a message through Slack. Then I get them all at the same time. After that they work fine until there is a long period of time passes and we have to do the same thing again.

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