Controlling Commercial Electric Bluetooth Lights with Flic / Flic Hub

  • Newbie here, so have patience. I also have not purchased the Flic or Hub yet, since I don't know whether this will work for my application.

    Installed Commercial Electric Bluetooth lights (Model # 53166301) by tapping into the always-on ceiling fan power. The lights are solely controlled with a cellphone app downloadable from Commercial Electric.

    The hope is to toggle the light on/off with a Flic "light switch" that can be left in the bedroom for guests. If I feel ambitious and lucky, maybe have the "hold" function be tied to dimming the lights, and the double click be tied to a lighting scene. (All of these are possible with the Consumer Electric lighting app)

    So is this possible and how does this work? Does the flic app talk to the Commercial Electric lighting app? Does the lighting app need to run on the Flic Hub? Presumably I need the Flic hub, correct? Does the Flic Hub emulate the Consumer Electric lighting app Bluetooth commands? Do I need to do this through Wink, IFTTT, etc?

    Thanks in advance!

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