[Solved] Google Assistant action doesn't work with the screen off

  • I can't use Google Voice initiated by Flic when screen is locked+off. My car bluetooth handles this fine with the screen off with a long press of a button on the steering wheel. Solutions?

    If I could turn on the screen, I think it would work.

  • I wish this was natively built into the app, but I was able to get this working using the Tasker app.

    Here is what I did to get it working (for future folks trying to do this):

    1. Install Tasker
    2. In Tasker, add a Profile, pick Event, then Plugin. Choose Flic.
    3. Edit the Configuration shown and pick your Flic and the Type of event.
    4. Back, Back to exit the Profile creation.
    5. You are then asked to Create a new Task (or pick an existing one).
    6. Create a task that:
      1. Turns the screen on (I used Block Time 500)
      2. Launch App - Assistant

    This Tasker task will intercept the Flic button press, turn on the screen, then open Google Assistant. Works as long as the phone is not locked (I use smart lock to keep it unlocked when in certain locations). I did add a vibrate task in the Flic app itself on the button event so I hear the nice Flic event tone.

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