Simulate touch screen press with a Flic?

  • I drive a oldtimer rally car, and we use a digital trimester to measure distance/averages in a race. It resets with a press on the screen on the touchscreen.

    My idea is to have the Flip on the shifter/steering wheel so I can reset the meter in the middle of the corner where I'm supposed to. Now I am shifting too early or pressing the phone on the dash too late (and not watching the road properly as I should)

    I tried several options, since Flic doesn't have a option in the native app where I can do this. I even tried iOS's own switch control, but the Flic isn't recognized as a external Bluetooth switch.

    Is there anyone who can help me with maybe IFTTT/Github automated programming? So when I press the Flic it acts like a press dead center of the screen....


  • Id like this as well. Did you figure it out?

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