• Re: How To Get Flic To Interact with IFTTT

    Ignore the instructions in the Flic app. They make no sense. The process is as follows:

    FIRST, define an event in your HomeSeer.
    SECOND, create an Applet in IFTTT:
    For the IF, define a TAG that will be activated by the FLIC.
    For the THEN, activate the HomeSeer event.
    THIRD: Go into Flic, choose a button and a button press.
    FOURTH: click the three-dot pulldown menu in the upper right and choose "PROVIDERS." Scroll down to IFTTT and select it. There, you will see your list of TAGS. Select the one corresponding to the event you created above.

    Flic programmers, feel free to use my text in future releases of your documentation.

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