Duplicating Functionality

  • I have 4 flics. Three of them are configured for my wife's use, she is partially disabled and I want her to be able to get in touch with me easily. The fourth is in my vehicle.

    Thus far, all are programmed on MY smartphone, which does her little good if I'm away from home, so I want the 3 to work from HER smartphone, which she always carries.

    Do I understand correctly that I can copy the functions from my phone to hers? Is this done by installing the Flic app on her phone, having her log in as me, and then attaching the buttons to her BTLE? BUT...as I say, only three are for her. The fourth is for me. SO...am I better off giving her a SEPARATE login, and then attaching the 3 buttons to her phone and reprogamming them?

    Am I at least on the right track here?

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