Hub Range - not very far

  • I have a Flic hub and IR repeater, and have configured my 6 Flic buttons to control Hue lights and trigger various functions within my A/V system.

    They work great and were really easy to set up...unfortunately though, the range is nowhere near what is advertised. From 10 feet away everything works great. My bedroom and hallway are about 25 feet away, and the buttons there do not work, they light up red when you press them. If I bring the buttons closer to the hub they work fine. I even replaced the batteries - the hub just doesn’t see buttons that are 20 feet away or more.

    I can’t move the hub because the IR repeater needs to have a sight line to my receiver and TV.
    What can I do to get the advertised range from the hub?

  • @ricktreese They're pretty responsive via email

  • I have an issue with one button not working with the hub and could only get 5 feet away with clear line of site. I've since configured 8 other buttons and they work through walls about 50ft. Try another button, if you have it.

  • So it’s been 2 weeks since I posted this - is this not the place for support on the Flic hub I purchased? Or is there not really a support option? (I’m just trying to get this to work as advertised)

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