Flic Hub and Sonos Problems

  • I use a Flic Hub and 2 buttons to control Sonos since Sonos helpfully bricked the dedicated controller. All was well for a few months but the hub doesn't now want to communicate with Sonos. The buttons connect to the hub and the app fine. The hub is running the latest firmware (1.5 I believe). I tried resetting the hub but hasn't made any difference. Any other flic users having a problem?

  • Hi,

    Same problem for me!
    I can not connect to player:1 or player:3 from the Hub but I can connect to Sonos Connect and Sonos Amp. All of them works when the button is connected to the iPhone. All of the devices are connected with cable to the network?

    Why are not player:1 and player:3 working from the Hub?

  • Hi! I have the exact same problem! Cannot find my sonos play:1 speakers in the hub...

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