Glympse still supported on not?

  • Hi,

    Upon receipt of flic, I was able to use Glympse for a while on iOS.

    Now, it doesn't work anymore.

    It will notify that Glympse was sent, but no email is received.

    Also, couldn't even setup on Android.

    Is Glympse still supported on not?


  • @jp_hill shortcut labs not respect your users...i will put my flic on the trash...

  • Further. I have checked with the tech types at Glympse. It is, in their opinion, a Flic problem. Flic is using the Glympse API.

  • Can we get an answer from users. I’m not sure Shortcut Labs read these comments.

    Is this problem an IOS or an Android or Both.

    If it is both, then it must be either a Shortcut Labs, or a Glympse problem and we can stop banging our heads against the wall.

    Neither company seems forthcoming, which is disappointing to say the least.

  • I agree. Glympse has stopped responding for the last 2 days. Still responds with “Glympse Sent”, but the map never arrives. Tried with both phone number, and email. I have the Glympse App which works.

  • I was getting a "Glympse: URL not suported" error
    After some playing around I discovered that I had an extra space or two at the end of the Name.
    Removed the spaces - all works

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