No longer connects to Chromecast Audio

  • I’ve been enjoying the Flic as a dedicated play/pause/skip button “remote” for using Roon (music server) that streams to my Chromecast Audio (CCA) for a couple months now, until just this week it inexplicably stopped working. Flic registers a button press, however the app just beeps/vibrates and no command is executed. Upon further inspection I noticed that the CCA shows as “disconnected” even after a power cycle and it being active/working within other apps. So the Flic app sees the CCA, but it seemingly refuses to connect to it.

    I’ve tried everything short of a full factory reset on both the Flic and CCA to get it to connect, but still no luck. Is the Flic driver for it broken? Has support for the CCA specifically been dropped? I say this because it does see and connect to my other Chromecast device (Android TV) just fine.

    Any insight or fixes for this issue? Thanks for your help with this.

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