Enourmous latency

  • Not sure where to start, but everything was working fine with my Flic and a Galaxy Note 9. I have made a bunch of scripts with Tasker and it worked very well with almost no delay at all, from the press of Flic to the start of the task.

    Now suddenly it has started showing a lot of latency and it is getting worst. Sometimes it can take over a minute before tasker receives the event when pressing the button. I tried whatever I could to try to isolate the issue, with no success at all.

    I also tried to make a simple task to turn the flashight on and off directly in the FLic app (so not tasker at all), and again shows some delay. Not as bad as with tasker, but still quite noticeable. Even worst is that I have enabled the acoustic feedback in the settings and the flashlight turns on (or off) before the click sound plays.

    Any idea of what is going on?


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