Double click acts as two single clicks

  • Hi all,
    Fairly new to fix so please forgive me if this sounds ’obvious’.
    I’m using my flic in a standard way within OnSong. I have a single click set to toggle scrolling and a double click to move to the next song. Trouble is that double clicking is the same as two single clicks (so results in toggling the scrolling twice). I do hear two beeps from the receiving device (an iPad). How do I work round this? Is it a problem in flic or in OnSong (is there a simple way to check what is happening"

  • i'm trying also to use double click in Onsong with the same results i.e. two single clicks Before I give up just wondering if you or anyone else has gotten it to work.

  • I assigned the ‘simulate home button pressed’ option in ‘phone control’. When assign this to single flic click it works as expected, if I delete this command then assign it to a double click then the response is as if I’ve double clicked the home button.

    Surely the action assigned to a single click should be identical if I assign the same action to a double click (provided I’ve deleted the single click option)?


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