Android Q Beta 5 - Flic App Crashes 100% Upon Launch

  • Anyone else seeing this issue? I uninstalled/reinstalled the app; same result.

    I installed the Flic app on another device (Android 9) works as normal. I'll relocate my Flic routines to this alt device - helpful to provide function for my wife when I am away from home... Hopefully any compatibility issues are resolved before final Android Q release this fall.


  • I do not see this improving in the near future. Really bummed out by this, it kinda makes my flic buttons useless since I only have an Android running Q at the moment. Could we at least get some updates whether we can expect some updates to the android app or not?

  • Seeing the same thing though Flic is not the only app suffering on my Pixel 3XL with Android Q.. pretty frustrating though to be expected in a beta OS.

    My only question is if future ver of Android are supposed to work backwards with apps, why vers of apps made for only the previous ver of Android wouldn't work in the next ver up of Android

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