server error 0 with Linux FlicSDK

  • I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W v1.1. The flic button pairs perfectly on my Ubuntu machine. When I try to connect to it from my Raspberry Pi (arm version, Linux 4.14.98), scanning still works. But as soon as I try to connect to the button, the flicd-server outputs a "server error 0" and the client loses connection (InternetBackendError).


    $ sudo ./flicd -f server.db
    Available HCI devices found:
    Trying hci0
    hci0 is busy, shutting down and retrying...
    Successfully bound HCI socket
    Flic server is now up and running!
    Initialization of Bluetooth controller done!
    Accepted new client
    server error 0


    $ startScanWizard
    Please click your Flic button!
    Found private button. Please hold down it for 7 seconds to make it public.
    Found public button 80:e4:da:74:db:88 F023dNuI, connecting...
    Connected, now pairing and verifying...
    Scan wizard done with status WizardInternetBackendError


    $ scan
    $ startScan
    ADV: 80:e4:da:74:db:88 f023dNuI -72 private unverified
    ADV: 80:e4:da:74:db:88 F023dNuI -95 public unverified
    $ stopScan
    $ connect 80:e4:da:74:db:88 64
    Create conn: 64 NoError Disconnected
    Connection status changed: 64 Connected
    Connection status changed: 64 Disconnected Unspecified
    Connection removed: 64 InternetBackendError

    Can anyone tell me, what I have to do differently to make my flic buttons work with my Raspberry Pi Zero?

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