• I am rather disappointed that the FLIC software and phone control tools on iPhone are not developed further and improved.

    Why isn't it possible to invoke Siri? It was said that this is not possible due to restrictions of IOS, but I think that this is not true, since my TomTom Navigation system coupled via Bluetouth with the iPhone can invoke Siri. According, this very desirable function is not so important for me any more, but that the developers of FLIC are not capable or not interested to implement this function is nevertheless disappointing.

    Concerning the simulation of keyboard entries: Has anyone thought for which different purposes such a tool might be helpful? One purpose which should be considered as obviously useful is to enter the pin on the lock screen of the iPhone. However, this doesn't work for a 6 digit pin, apparently because the simulated keyboard entries are coming too fast. Accordingly, only the first 3 to 5 digits of my pin are recognized. A very simple solution should be to allow the definition of a delay between the different keyboard entries to be simulated. Again disappointment on my side that an idea which is very good in principle was implemented rather imperfectly.

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