10 Best Flickr Tips for iPhone

    1. Tilt the phone to see millions of pixels.

    Just go to any image page and tilt your phone to one side. You will see the image in full screen view. We have downloaded a high-resolution version in the background, so when you zoom in, you can see that all the details and images are still clear and sharp.
    2. Learn more about each image.

    While pixels are important and we show you millions of pixels for each image, the data behind the image is also a story. Touch the small icon (i) - in the upper right corner of the image to learn more: where the image was taken, how it was taken (shutter speed, ISO, camera type, etc.), and which images have been added to the groups, photo series.
    3. Apply a filter to multiple images at once.

    Do you like a certain filter? We have made it easy for you to apply that filter to multiple images at once. You simply select the images from the film roll you want to edit, then go to the filter screen, touch and hold the filter you want to apply to your images. And so, all your images are Panda.

    1. Fix red eye in a snap.

    If the image you have taken is not perfect, just open the built-in image editor by clicking the pencil icon in the filter screen. From here, you can crop the image, change the brightness, adjust the saturation and also eliminate red-eye.
    5. Learn more about photographers.

    Flickr is home to an amazing photography community of over 80 million people. While it's important to view images from your friends and family, you can also be inspired to see images taken by others. Flickr for iPhone helps you find such people. To help us find the right photographer for you, click on "Find friends" and then "Contact suggestions". Once there, browse through the images and choose the six images you like best. We will then present you with a list of suggested Flickr users that you can follow by adding them to your circles.
    6. Turn off notifications in your activity feed.
    Activities and conversations related to images are among the things people love about Flickr. We made it easy to join the Flickr community and made it easy to turn off notifications about conversations you want to leave. Just swipe on the item in your activity feed and press the disable button. So easy.
    7. Bookmark your favorite photos.

    If you like an image, it's easy to add it to your favorite. In the connected interface, simply double-click an image to add it to your favorite photo. You can even add images directly from any magazine-like view to your favorite photos.

    1. Upload from your film reel.
      Do you have a lot of photos on camera that you want to post to Flickr? No problem. Double-click the camera icon to access the movie reel in your phone. From there, you can choose as many photos as you like and quickly add them to Flickr.

    2. Run your team while on the go.

    The Flickr community loves the group. And we want to give executives more reasons to love the Group. You can now operate groups directly from the iPhone. Group administration features are available for group moderators by clicking the small icon (i) in the upper right corner of a group page, then clicking the gear icon on the next screen.
    10. Share your photos with the world.

    Flickr is the world for sharing photos and our goal is to make your photos look great wherever you share them. Your Flickr photos look great on Facebook, display just as well on Twitter, and with Tumblr, we give you even more sharing controls. You can add tags related to Flickr photos to your Tumblr and you can also organize your posts by adding it to the queue or saving it as a draft.

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