Flic 1 starter kit

  • Hi,

    I plan to purchase a Flic 1 starter kit to test for the stock management of a customer. It includes 1 Flic hub and 3 flic buttons but I am not sure if that is true for my intended use.

    We need to manage the buttons from our database server, so what kind of software Flic use to manage the buttons?

    as I know they have Flic app and SDK but which one is for my case?

    In the future I will use 100 buttons so I think I will need a hub to manage it, but the hub can only be set up via the Flic app on the phone device.

    The SDK I see seems to suit my purpose but it has not yet been released on Windows OS and cannot connect to as many buttons as hub.

    Can anybody give me any idea what product I should buy?

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