Unified remote on Raspberry pi

  • Just got my Flic 2 buttons and hub and I want to control my Raspberry pi(RPI) via (UR)Unified Remote. Buttons and hub work.

    I bought the UR Android app and installed UR server on RPI.
    https://www.crackedconsole.com/2019/04/08/installing-unified-remote-for-raspberry-pi/ Server works.

    When I use the UR Android app I can connect to RPI, control mouse, check files etc, send commands.

    In the Flic Android App I make a UR function to a button click, but doesn't matter what I try, nothing works. It feels like something between the Flic app and UR app is not working(?)

    Anyone that has a working setup? Any tips?


  • Hello manne did you find out how to fix the problem? I wanted to control vlc player through UR with the flic button. But no matter what i do it doesnt work

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