Unified remote on Raspberry pi

  • Just got my Flic 2 buttons and hub and I want to control my Raspberry pi(RPI) via (UR)Unified Remote. Buttons and hub work.

    I bought the UR Android app and installed UR server on RPI.
    https://www.crackedconsole.com/2019/04/08/installing-unified-remote-for-raspberry-pi/ Server works.

    When I use the UR Android app I can connect to RPI, control mouse, check files etc, send commands.

    In the Flic Android App I make a UR function to a button click, but doesn't matter what I try, nothing works. It feels like something between the Flic app and UR app is not working(?)

    Anyone that has a working setup? Any tips?


  • @manne

    I am having this same issue. The UR provider integration seems to have broke within my Flic app. Commands to netflix work through Unified Remote app directly but no Unified Remote intents will execute through Flic app anymore. Sadness.

  • Hello manne did you find out how to fix the problem? I wanted to control vlc player through UR with the flic button. But no matter what i do it doesnt work

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