How to add delay before an action?

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to add a delay before (or after or between) actions?

    Use case:

    • I have an old Sonos Play 5 in bedroom that runs hot when idle.
    • So I have it behind a Meross Smart Plug.
    • I can turn the Meross Plug on via a Flic Button, but it takes some time for the speaker to be on-line.
    • So now I need to use two separate actions to play music in bedroom. Click to turn Plug on. Stand next to the button and wait until speaker is on-line. Finally double-click to start playback.
    • So I would want to do the above with one action sequence:
      • Click the button (containing the following sequence):
        • Turn on Meross Plug via IFTTT
        • Wait for 45 sec
        • Start playback on speaker via Sonos

    BR. Toni

    Thanks for the Mac app! This is a great extension and has huge potential but has limited range among customers! And I am not sure about others, but I do not have my iMac or Mac Mini running 24/7.

    In the future Windows and specially Linux (e.g. Raspberry Pi) integration would be even better...
    I do have Windows and Linux computers running 24/7.
    My Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Weather Station could easily handle Flic control on the side. It already has all needed connectivity and ample amount of power.

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