How to add delay before an action?

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to add a delay before (or after or between) actions?

    Use case:

    • I have an old Sonos Play 5 in bedroom that runs hot when idle.
    • So I have it behind a Meross Smart Plug.
    • I can turn the Meross Plug on via a Flic Button, but it takes some time for the speaker to be on-line.
    • So now I need to use two separate actions to play music in bedroom. Click to turn Plug on. Stand next to the button and wait until speaker is on-line. Finally double-click to start playback.
    • So I would want to do the above with one action sequence:
      • Click the button (containing the following sequence):
        • Turn on Meross Plug via IFTTT
        • Wait for 45 sec
        • Start playback on speaker via Sonos

    BR. Toni

    Thanks for the Mac app! This is a great extension and has huge potential but has limited range among customers! And I am not sure about others, but I do not have my iMac or Mac Mini running 24/7.

    In the future Windows and specially Linux (e.g. Raspberry Pi) integration would be even better...
    I do have Windows and Linux computers running 24/7.
    My Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Weather Station could easily handle Flic control on the side. It already has all needed connectivity and ample amount of power.

  • Nice and agreeing.
    Voted for this idea in the idea board of flic:

    Just five a vote there and I hope someone will hear :) :)

  • @tokurvin
    Hi Toni
    I’m not sure how to do what you trying to do.
    However I’d like to know how you managed to get Flic to turn on your Meross Smart Switch?
    I just purchased my Flic2 buttons and have easily setup Lifx & Sonos, but can’t find the Meross integration.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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