Hub & Soundcloud / DS Audio

  • I was so excited but was quickly frustrated when I tried to set up my hub. I thought the hub was more 'powerful' than the mobile phone or at least had the same features. but it's not - unless I am missing a hidden way?! I.e. I mostly use SoundCloud for music and DS Audio from my Synology NAS to play pod casts / storybooks. When I connect the Flic 2 button to my phone I can easily set the button up to start the app and play. but with the hub I cannot! It doesn't seem to support Plex or SoundCloud or DS Audio or TuneIn? I understand the hub hasn't got the same apps installed than the phone but then I have no choice but to connect the buttons to the phone only and what use is the hub for me then? I tried the <http> function as well as the IFTTT but both were useless (unless again I am missing something) I dont want to subscribe to deezer or spotify just so I can play music using the hub?!

    appreciate any tips! Thanks!

    PS: I also tried VLC host (?) but honestly that was too complicated for me lol

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