Play custom sounds on Flic hub

  • After having an awful experience with the Contact form via TypeForm I hope this will do better:
    We just bought a Flic hub for a project we are working on and we are very happy with the features and functionality.
    We are also thinking about getting another Flic hub for automation in the office. One thing we do need for that would be the option to add custom sounds to your hub. While the fart sounds made us giggle more than they should have and the pre-loaded sounds serve their purpose, it's not exactly what we are looking for.
    I found some older info on this forum about the topic, but I still wanted to +1 it and ask for a roadmap on when this feature is planned to be developed

  • I would like to reply that I totally agree with you. I also hoped for the hub and/or app to bee open to load/play sounds you have got on the phone or desktop (by hub). The fart thing is really funny and the preload sounds are good for a small time. I see no reply anywhere if this feature is going to be integrated. I guess this would be THE biggest improvement for all types of entertainers in the field.