Issues with Hue lights when using both Flic1 and Flic2 buttons with the hub

  • Hi,

    In my setup I use the Flic hub, and a mixed set of gen1 and gen2 flics to control my Philips Hue lights. However, I have encountered a problem, where the programmed Hue actions are not executed correctly, when gen1 and gen2 button are clicked successively one after the another.

    When used this way, the Flics require two clicks to execute the single click action. However, if only one generation of buttons are used to control the Philips Hue action, then this error does not occur, which makes me think this is an issue on Flic's side of things. In all cases, the click can be seen to be registered on the flic Mobile app, but the corresponding action is not fired correctly.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Pair two buttons with the Flic hub. One gen. 1 button and one gen. 2 button.
    2. Configure both buttons to toggle all Philips Hue lights (see screenshot)
    3. Press gen. 1 button once to toggle the lights
    4. Press gen. 2 button once to toggle the lights
    5. Repeat steps 3-4 until a single click does not toggle the lights correctly
    6. From now on, once the error occurs once, every time you switch to a different generation of button, you need to press the button twice to toggle the lights


    Version details
    Hub FW: 2.0.14

    I'm posting this here, since I never got a reply via the normal support email/support helper questionnaire thingy.

    I hope you are able to address this issue with these instructions.

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